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As a business administrator with over 7 years of experience as a consultant and professor of entrepreneurship, I have a wealth of knowledge and ability to share with my clients and students. My skills in business strategy, planning, and execution have been honed through years of practical experience, and I have a strong record of accomplishment of success in helping businesses grow and thrive. In addition to my professional experience, I am also the owner of the website, where I share valuable resources and insights with aspiring entrepreneurs. Overall, I am a highly skilled and dedicated professional with a passion for helping businesses succeed. 


Oral and writing communication skills. 

Spanish [Native]. 

Fluency in English [B2].  

Analytical skills. 

Attention to details. 


Self-taught person. 

Quick learner.  

Team work ability. 

Time management skills. 

Tolerance to work under pressure. 

Effective use of Google and Microsoft platforms. 


  • Manage website using the Wix Editor. 

  • Create and update website content. 

  • Develop free Excel tools for website users. 

  • Manage social media presence for the website. 

  • Analyze website analytics to improve performance. 

  • Conduct keyword research and optimize website content for search engines. 

  • Utilize email marketing tools to send newsletters or promotional materials to subscribers. 

  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices to continually improve the website and its performance. 

Website Owner

2019 to present.

Entrepreneurship consultant

May 2015 - Dec 2022.


  • Design and implement effective teaching methodologies to help student learning. 

  • Create lesson plans and course materials that fit the needs of individual students. 

  • Work closely with entrepreneurs to find their specific learning needs and develop approaches to address those needs. 

  • Provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs throughout the development of their business plans [customer service]. 

  • Monitor and review entrepreneurs progress, giving them feedback and support as needed. 

  • Lead team-building activities to create a collaborative environment between participants of the program. 

  • Help the entrepreneurs to formally registered their companies to carry out local regulatory requirements.  

  • Use current technologies and tools to support the program and participant goals. 

  • Conduct market analysis to understand the demand for a product or service in the market using primary and secondary sources of information. 

  • Conduct SWOT analysis of businesses with internal and external sources of information. 

  • Create Excel templates and guides for business plans financial analysis. 




Web development.  

Technology and computing. 

Content creation for web page and social media. 

Constant learning. 

Teaching and education. 



Master in management.  

Akademia Ekonomiczno-Humanistyczna w Warszawie.

[2022 – 2024].


Introduction to the web development HTML & CSS [Certificate program]. 

Google Activate.



Fundamentals of integral professional training based on competencies [Certificate program]. 

SENA – Colombia.


Specialist in project management.

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios - UNIMINUTO.


Project formulation.  

Universidad Autónoma de Occidente.


Induction to pedagogical processes [Certificate program]. 




Bachelor in Business Administration. 

Universidad del Valle – Colombia.




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